Saturday, August 25, 2012

Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson (book review)

 I received an Advanced Reader Copy to read and review.  It was not a problem, I assure you. :)

When it comes to suspense, Dee Henderson is my favorite author.  Her books are very well written.  She has just the right amount of romance without taking away from the suspense element.  Her build up is great.  She doesn't give it all away in the first 3 chapters, but lets the suspense hang and slowly feeds you a tidbit at a time.  Full Disclosure is all Dee Henderson.  I love the fact that she has pulled in characters from her other books.  This is a totally stand alone read, but it makes you want to read her other books.  If you have already read them, it's a delight to see the characters you already know put in an appearance.  Ann Silver is someone I would like to have for a friend.  And Paul Falcon is so right for her.  They are both such strong people, but each has their own personal vulnerabilities.  They complement each other very well and are able to support the other one's strengths and help overcome the weaknesses.  Their personalities are just right for this story.  There is a lot of patience required in the case and they both have it in abundance.  That patience spills over into their relationship which is also an area it is needed.  I can't say more without giving away the whole book.  It is definitely a book worth investing in.  I highly recommend it to all Dee Henderson fans, and anyone who loves a good story.

This book is not an overly romantic book, but it does have romance in it.  It is very conservative in taste and I absolutely loved it.

You can wait until October 2 to buy it in the stores, or you can pre-order it now through several online bookstores; and are a couple you can pre-order it through.


Until next time... JenT