Saturday, June 8, 2013

cover up!

Dear Young Woman in the Kroger parking lot who changed her shirt next to our van - please don't.

My young impressionable boys were in that van.  I have a 12 year old who is becoming an adolescent.  Must you make it more difficult for him?  I am trying my best to shield them from things they are too young to handle and shouldn't be exposed to.  I realize that they will be bombarded with immodesty in public.  But really?  Changing your shirt in your vehicle?  In the Kroger parking lot?  Next time, leave the pjs at home and go out in public properly clothed.
That's all.

- concerned mom

In this world we live in, I see that modesty has flown out the window.  Men, women, boys, and girls alike are going out in public in such a state of undress.  Almost every time I go into the store I see someone in their pajamas.  Is it that much of an effort to change your clothes?  I make sure that my 1 year old is dressed every day for just hanging around the house - and a 20 year old is in the grocery store in the clothes she slept in?
It's a sad, sad society.
And that's not even half of it.  Not only does this young lady feel that it is ok to change her shirt in public, most feel it is all right to dress in clothing that doesn't cover much more than underwear.  Or that it is cool to let their underwear show.  When I was young, we told our friends when their bra strap was showing.  Now you don't even have to wonder what color a young girl's bra is.  I guess it's even the fashion to wear clothes that show it off.  Or the guys that let their boxers show.  Tsk, tsk.  Some of us know where that came from and it's not a good thing.  Or the short shorts, mini skirts, peek-a-boo get the idea.  It's no wonder that there is so much promiscuity in teenagers today.  There is no waiting, no mystery, no modesty, no purity.  Sexually transmitted diseases, abortions, and heartache abound.  Where will it all end?

Well, I highly doubt that the girl at Kroger today will ever see or read this, but I feel better getting it off my chest.

Until next time...


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Don't Blame the Kids!!!

"Hey Mama, just stopping in to encourage you to rest today in the Lord. Your house is not going to be perfectly clean; embrace it. Your dinner might not be ready on time; embrace it. Your shoes don't match your shirt; embrace that, too. You forgot to brush your teeth and you look a bit like Sweetums from the Muppets; embrace the madness.

But you are with your children and you put them first, day after day. You keep them fed and loved on. They're dressed and they're happy (even if they're in jammies). Their hair's not brushed, and the 2 year old is wearing unmatched socks, but who cares?? Look at their faces.
That should say it all. Their faces don't lie.

YOU ARE A GOOD MOTHER. Your kids are loved and YOU are a big reason for their health and happiness. Embrace the day.

Embrace those Sweetum babies, too. Walk, Mama. You done good."

Now my view:

Don't get me wrong, I understand the sentiment behind these words.  I see these posts a lot; on Facebook, on blogs, in articles online and in magazines.  And I understand the message that they are trying to send; don't spend your days missing out on your children's lives.  Enjoy them while they are young and don't sweat the small stuff.
But...BUT...I get a little irritated at how they are presented.  Don't use your children as an excuse to have a messy house.  Don't use having more than "normal" children as an excuse to not fix your little girl's hair.  Don't use those little blessings as an excuse to let yourself go.  Please, please, moms, don't use them as an excuse to be lazy, to have a dirty house, to not teach them valuable lessons such as neatness and good hygiene. 
Now, granted, I'm sure most people understand that the message behind the above words isn't saying that.  But I've seen and heard too many people over the years doing that very thing.  I've seen little ones in large families with their hair not brushed, I've seen parents being too relaxed in teaching their children basic things like picking up after themselves, I've heard and read the excuses of having a messy house because of all the children.
Don't get me wrong - I'm NOT perfect.  I am still working on teaching my own children to clean up after themself, to brush their teeth.  I make myself take the time in the morning to make sure my little girls' hair is brushed and fixed.  I try very hard to keep them in well maintained clothing (hard with 6 boys :) ).  I try to teach them basic manners of life.  BUT at the same time we are picking flowers, reading books, watching movies, making cookies.  We are enjoying life and we are learning too.
I understand that we don't all have older ones that help.  I remember what it was like with 5 little children and no big helpers day after day.  But when you teach those little lessons while they are young, the later years are easier. 
I guess what I'm trying to say is to make teaching just as fun as playing.  Taking the time to keep yourself neat in appearance and attitude, keeping your house clean while teaching your children how to do that, and using those teachable moments is what it's all about.

Until next time...