Monday, October 31, 2016

when it rains it pours!! blessings that is

It pays to exercise!!  No kidding...Saturday on my way into the gym I found a quarter and a penny on the ground. lol

I went over to the library after my workout and they were cleaning out their lost and found...I walked out with a ladies wallet and a zipper pouch of school supplies.

I dropped my hubby off at work and went to Kroger to pick up a few things.  I don't like to shop on an empty stomach and I had not eaten breakfast so I stopped by Taco Bell to buy something.  I had such a loooooonnnngg wait for ONE item that they GAVE me a drink and two of those cinnabon cheesecake balls (wow - worth the wait!).

When I got home I discovered that our neighbors had give us a bouncy toy for the baby.  Since I already had a girl one and this one was neutral I passed that blessing on to a friend who has a boy.

I wasn't home very long and another friend stopped by with a gallon of homemade root beer.  He was making sure of his recipe because his mom had asked him to make if for their church festival on Sunday and that was left over.  The kids loved it.  I'm not a root beer fan, but they all love it so that was nice.

Yesterday on the way home from church I stopped by yet another friend's house and she gave us lots of bread...nice expensive healthy bread.  Someone gave them about 20 trays - like the ones you see the bread trucks stacking bread on - full of bread.

So I guess you could say I had a pretty good weekend. :)

Until next time...


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Boss Hogg's BBQ Shack Pigeon Forge, TN

Woooo-eeee!!  Can you hear it now?  That sound of great satisfaction and excitement?  Yeah, well, if you go Boss Hogg's BBQ Shack in Pigeon Forge, TN,  you'll be squealing like that too.

They claim to be the best BBQ place in town and I have to say - I agree with them! 

They make their very own unique BBQ sauce that really puts that finishing touch on some excellently cooked meat.  (They also have it available for sale in bottles).

They offer chicken, brisket, and, of course, pork - that is grilled to perfection.  The meat is moist and not dried out like you get in some places.  (Yes, that is half of a chicken in that picture above - breast, wing, thigh, leg).

 (The brisket is what I had...soooooo good!)

The sides measure up to the rest of the meal, too.  Baked beans and loaded potato salad were our choices and, oh-my-goodness!! - they have the best baked beans ever!!!  There is a touch of something in them that just sets them apart from every other baked bean out there!  I'm telling you, I would go order just baked beans if I couldn't have anything else. 

I also really like the decor.  The tables and chairs are very sturdy and rustic; I love that style!!  It's not very roomy on the inside, but there are tables available on the deck outside and the weather is perfect for picnic style eating.

So next time you are in Pigeon Forge, or if you already live here, go check out Boss Hogg's.  It's located on Wear's Valley Rd (stoplight 3), about 2 miles down on the right.  (This is facing towards the parkway so it looks like it's on the left).

That's some good eatin' folks!  ;)

Until next time...


Friday, September 16, 2016

giveaway input

 If I can get enough traffic on this blog, I can host some giveaways.

I love giveaways!  I love to win and I love to give stuff away!

Now for your input - what kind of stuff do you like to win?

Until next time...


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chicken Run

I've actually never seen the movie Chicken Run, but I thought it was a catchy title.

We have chickens.  A lot more than what I have here, but they were scattered hither and yon, and I didn't feel like chasing them down just for a mug shot.  We also have ducks.

These are the latest acquisitions.  We have had them for about an hour or two.  We bought them from a local place that sells a large variety of birds.  We bought eight chickens and three guineas.  The silver/gray birds are the guineas.

We had a small flock born about a month ago to one of our other chickens but through one mishap or another managed to lose them all.  *insert sad face*  This little bantam hen hatched two little chicks and this one survived.  Hopefully, it will continue to thrive. 

We have also just started getting eggs from our layers.  We have a few Golden Laced Wyandottes, several Americanas/Araucanas, and a couple of Rhode Island Reds.  Today we bought three white Rocks, one Rhode Island Red, a Barred Rock, a Black Rock, and two Silver Laced Wyandottes.  Hopefully they will produce well also.

And then of course the chicken helpers. :)

Until next time...


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

McKenzie Music

Ok, time to brag. :)

Our oldest has just recorded her first CD.

(At the recording studio with her younger sister)

You can order them on her website here.

At the bottom of her website is a link to her Facebook page also.  You can follow her there to keep up with the latest happenings.

 For a few years she has attended a local flute circle and entered the talent show at the local fairs.  In fact, she will be playing tonight.  She has also played at the local Native American Festivals and will be joining the Fall Festival in a small town nearby this year.

She has other pursuits, but that is all for now. :)

Until next time...


Sunday, September 4, 2016

learning geography

Over the years my homeschooling method has went through a few changes.  I started with workbooks, stopped using certain ones, added textbooks, stopped using workbooks completely, went to unit studies, and that's about where we are.

My method leans more toward an unschooling atmosphere than a traditional style.  This year I decided we would learn geography as a unit study.  Since they are all at different levels in math and reading they need their own individual books for that.  But for geography we use this:

Along with this:

I really like how the geography book has different levels of activities for the kids.  I can teach them all at once, but they don't all have to do the same work.

The atlas is awesome!  It's colorful and each state has a two page layout with a map, historical figures highlighted, the state symbols, flag, coin, and a fun fact.  For example, did you know that one time a group of people decided an island was a hazard in a river in Maine and hitched a team of 200 oxen to it, to move it!!  Unsuccessfully of course.  lol   Also, over 70 million pounds of lobster are harvested each year in Maine.  Wow!!

So if you are thinking about teaching geography I highly recommend this book and atlas!  You can get the best price on Amazon, especially if you have prime (free shipping!).

Until next time...


Friday, September 2, 2016

roll call

 If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you will notice that I have not written much in the last couple of years or more.  I am going to correct that...meaning I plan to start posting more often. 

So what I would like to know is - is anyone still reading my blog?  lol

If you are would you please comment below?  Just a simple 'yes' will do.  Thanks!!

Until next time... JenT