Sunday, April 27, 2014


I am so ready to have this baby.  And I remember that every time I get this way, it seems to last for longer than I want it to.  Bummer.  So I have misery to look forward to for the next unforseeable future.

It's the last weeks that seem to drag...and drag...and drag.

What's more disappointing is that I really want an April baby.  I know, I know it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things when the baby is born.  It's just that we already have a May birthday and crazily enough, this baby is due the day before said birthday.  Of course if it follows in the footsteps of it's older brothers and sisters the actual "birth" day will be later...much later.  Bummer again.

Oh well.  Soon enough I'll be rid of the waddle, the swollen feet, the general overall feeling of yucky and will be holding a cute little baby.  :)

And that makes it all worth while.

Until next time... JenT