Tuesday, October 30, 2012

first teeth

You probably can't see it, but little Miss C.D. has two bottom teeth. :)
She got her teeth the soonest so far.  She's 8 months (can you believe it!) and she's had them for about 1 month.  Her older brother just above her got his at 10 months; all the rest got theirs at around a year.
Yes, she's sportin' her denim skirt and jacket here.  Soon I'll have some family photos to put up.  We'll all be in denim and red (hopefully).

Until next time... JenT

Thursday, October 11, 2012

partriotic pillowcases - Heads at Ease

I love to sew.

I love to give.

I found out how to do both!!!

Heads at Ease (a wonderful play on words, by the way), makes and ships pillowcases to our military stationed overseas.  This also gives me a way to support our military.

If you sew and want to get involved, please contact Sue and let her know.  She is a super nice lady and is very patient to answer all your questions.  She even emailed me some instructions for sewing pillowcases.  They are very easy and I think a good project for the beginner seamstress.  I still love easy projects. :)

If you don't sew, but want to help out, you can donate financially.  Just visit the site to find out how. 

When you visit the site, be sure and check out the thank you notes sent by the recipients; especially the USS Truman.  They are heartwarming!

Until next time... JenT