Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mommy Moments

Ever experience what I'd like to name a "Mommy Moment"? Let me give you an example.

Yesterday was a dental check-up for the five oldest. I take them all because we have other plans for afterward.

As we are leaving the house (with just enough time to get there), unknown to me at the time, A.L. steps in some poop. I find out as I'm getting in the van. The other kids said she had it on her shoe, so I take her shoes, wipe them quickly on the still dew-damp grass, and put them right inside the van doors. At the dentist, I decide to take them in and wash them off in the bathroom (imitation crocs wash easily). So I take A.L. to the potty and while she is busy, wash off her shoes. We go back out to the waiting room and I am still smelling it. Yuck! I check her out and find out that she had left her culottes on under her dress...and...yep...poop on the culottes. Yuck! I quickly take them off and send them out to the van with my oldest son. (I told him to just set them on the step OUTSIDE of the van).

Oh but that isn't the end of this story...oh no...I could still smell it!! So - I checked her dress. *groan* Somehow she had gotten it all over the inside of the ruffle on the bottom of her dress.

(You know how a small child when they are climbing into their car seat will climb up, then twist around to sit down? Well, that little procedure smears anything that is on their shoes all over their clothes. And since I had been in a hurry that morning, I left it to her to get in all on her own. Ha! Last time that happens! Or at least I will check her shoes first).

Ok. Back to the bathroom. I strip her dress off and proceed to wash it out in the bathroom sink. Thankfully they use really strong soap there. It took out the smell, too! As I was washing out the dress (I actually just washed the poopy spots - which ended up being quite a bit) I had to just laugh.

This incident definitely defines what I consider a "Mommy Moment".

So do share...have you had a "Mommy Moment" lately?

Until next time...


Jenny B said...

Oh Jen!!!!! I soooo understand those Mommy Moments! toooo many to count! I'll see if I can get my "best" and share with ya:)

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

I know it wasn't funny at the time.. but thanks for the giggle.

I love mommy moments like this.. after the effect.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes we have many mommy moments here!! I can't think of one right now but I will blog about it and link it up to your blog ;)