Friday, June 15, 2012

Facebook question and answer

A friend asked this question on Facebook.

"At the risk of starting a debate - let me ask a question:  Why does it stress people out when people have big families or want to have more than the average amount of kids?"

I answered her:

"Good question.  I agree with most of the comments on here.  In our case, once we reached 6 kids people just stopped asking if we were done and knew we were nutso.  lol   Our family knows we don't use birth control and so they are not surprised when we have another one.  They are just like "are you pregnant yet?"  I'm sure they would be happy if we stopped, but 11 is such an awkward number to stop at, ya know?  My mom doesn't want me to have anymore, but when she said that I just jokingly said "we have to have at least one more girl to even things out".  We don't ask anyone to babysit because our oldest is old enough to babysit for a couple of hours while we go out on a date.  If we needed help for more than that we have some wonderful friends who have 7 children with the two oldest out of the house and they love to watch the kids.  They are patient and great with kids.  We are thankful we have such great friends. 
As for other people getting stressed out, I think they for some reason think that all the kids came at once and so yeah, that would stress anyone out.  But we got ours one at a time and it's not that bad.  Plus it's not like we have 11 6 year olds, or 11 2 year olds.  They are all different ages and so are at different stages in life.  They all have different personalities and temperaments.  I heard someone say who has 14 children: "It's not like one big bunch, it's like having 14 only children".  They are all individuals and we look at them that way".

Now it's your turn: what would have answered my friend?

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WendyM said...

I think large families are great! I have given birth to 4 and have a step daughter. I wish I had not let my husband and family talk me into having my tubes tied because I would love to have more. I now say keep going if you can. I tell people not to say they can't afford anymore children because if you have one you can afford more. Expecially after 2 or 3 whats a few more.

WendyM said...

I say the more blessing that God will give you the better. I wish I had not let my husband and family talk me into getting my tubes tied because I would love to have more. 5 IS NOT ENOUGH FOR ME! Jen if you want to share a couple then Ill take them. :)