Thursday, October 31, 2013

news and gripe

 So here's the new news.  We're expecting again; number 12.  :)  Excited!!

After several pregnancies, years of wearing maternity clothes, I've have a dilemma: I cannot find any suitable maternity clothes.  I wear skirts and dresses which does narrow it down, but not by much.  I recently went searching for a dress to wear to a wedding coming up that we had been invited to.  I could find nothing at Motherhood Maternity.  The dresses were either too ugly or not the right size.  I'm kind of on the short side and one dress I was going to settle for was about a foot too long! lol

So, while I have found a few pretty tops, most of them are blah.  Meaning the color or style is just not too appealing in my opinion.  I found a lot of black or gray things, but not many pretty colors.  The styles; some are cute, but some are just t-shirt styles.

As for the dresses.  Well, let's just say that while I agree that being pregnant doesn't mean you get all dowdy-looking, I do think you should still stay modest.  Short dresses and v-necks do not constitute modesty in my book.

Skirts?  Practically non-existent.  I found one long one; gray and white =  blah.  Most are too short for me personally.

There are many websites out there, but I took these from the dress page of A Pea in the Pod because they have a large variety.

Long Sleeve Zipper Detail Maternity Dress

I really like the color and top of this one, but several inches too short for me.  For $150 I would want a little more coverage.

 Beyond Vintage Sleeveless Empire Waist Maternity Maxi Dress

Long enough, but ?  the color/design is not too appealing.  And I would want more coverage up top.  If I had something like this I would not feel comfortable unless I added a t-shirt underneath or a sweater on top.

 Short Sleeve Maternity Maxi Dress

Plenty of coverage, but come on - black?  Another color would be so much happier. :)

 Elbow Sleeve Belted Maternity Sweater Dress

Probably the best one on the whole page.  Personally, I would prefer a few more inches in the skirt.  But if I was told to choose from all of those dresses, I would seriously consider this one.  The style is modest and not blah, and the color is pretty.

So, while you may not agree with me I just felt the need to express myself a little on here.  I feel better now.  Thanks for reading.

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Kathleen w said...

Oh, Jen. I feel for you. Dressing modest is hard enough and doing it while pregnant? Impossible. I seriously have one long denim skirt that has seen me through 4 or 5 pregnancies. I wear it almost every day. Tops are awful or like you said made for someone who is 5'10"... which I am far from. Somethings I did with my last pregnancy was to add leggings under some of the shorter dresses. Not the best but at least it adds some coverage. Also lots of tanks to go under the low cut tops and a good shrug to go over the dresses. With Addison I bought a pair of jeans. And I never wear jeans. But I figured they were a lot more modest than the skirts and dresses out there. I told my girls, they are expert seamstresses, they need to design a line of clothing for real pregnant women. ☺

congratulations, again!


Betsy said...

Yeah! Congratulations on your new blessing.
I can sympathize with you. Although I'm a Grandma and not pregnant anymore, I have a hard time just finding age appropriate modest clothing for me.
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Try they have a nice selection if maternity skirts

JenT said...

Thank you, that website did have some nice skirts. I've bookmarked it to look at in more depth later.