Wednesday, December 4, 2013

are you a pancreas or kidney?

You hear church members talk about the glorious parts of the body (the body of Christ; the church).  Ever been in a debate on what body part you are?

"I think I'm the feet.  I'm always going out telling others of Christ."


"I must be the hands.  I give a lot."

 pretty eyes photo: lots of pretty eyes eyes.png

"I'm the eyes.  I see the needs of others."

All well and good.  But ever notice how it's always the parts that we see?  The "pretty" parts?

Also have you noticed that it's always parts that we can live without?  It would be difficult to be deaf, blind, crippled, without hands.  But you can actually LIVE without those things.

What about your kidneys?  (Both of them).

 Human Anatomy: Antererior View of the Liver

Your liver?

 picture of human pancreas

Your pancreas?

When was the last time you heard someone say.  "Well, I'm the liver."  
Who claims these parts?  The unsightly, "ugly" parts.  You can't live without them.  You can have a transplant, sure.  But if you are in a wreck and one of those is damaged, it's a life-threatening situation.

Just how important are those parts?

So...what are you in the body of Christ?

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