Sunday, September 4, 2016

learning geography

Over the years my homeschooling method has went through a few changes.  I started with workbooks, stopped using certain ones, added textbooks, stopped using workbooks completely, went to unit studies, and that's about where we are.

My method leans more toward an unschooling atmosphere than a traditional style.  This year I decided we would learn geography as a unit study.  Since they are all at different levels in math and reading they need their own individual books for that.  But for geography we use this:

Along with this:

I really like how the geography book has different levels of activities for the kids.  I can teach them all at once, but they don't all have to do the same work.

The atlas is awesome!  It's colorful and each state has a two page layout with a map, historical figures highlighted, the state symbols, flag, coin, and a fun fact.  For example, did you know that one time a group of people decided an island was a hazard in a river in Maine and hitched a team of 200 oxen to it, to move it!!  Unsuccessfully of course.  lol   Also, over 70 million pounds of lobster are harvested each year in Maine.  Wow!!

So if you are thinking about teaching geography I highly recommend this book and atlas!  You can get the best price on Amazon, especially if you have prime (free shipping!).

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