Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Festival

Some friends hosted a Fall Festival yesterday. It wasn't the "official" name, but let's call it that. :)

Working the two-man saw was the host, on the far side, and his brother.

Ladies were not exempt from trying either. Sisters-in-law try their hand at it. They did pretty good, too. :)

Talking by the fire.

Our eighth, A.L., with a friend. :)

Can you believe they made homemade ice cream? It's fall, people! Seriously, though, they worked hard and it was yuuu-mmmy!

Do you notice how little girls copy the older ones and women? Here's our A.M. watching closely to see if she's sitting and holding her baby right. So cute!

Later in the evening we had a devotion, with singing.

NO we didn't give the kids COFFEE!! The definitely don't need it! They heated up some apple cider that comes from a local "pick your own fruit" place; The Fruit and Berry Patch. They have some really good fresh apple cider.

Two of our boys are in this picture above. S.T. is on the left in the white t-shirt, and M.J. is on the right in the navy shirt with the stripes across the chest. They look pretty rough after a long afternoon of playing with friends.

A very rare picture. Our oldest, M.D. (She doesn't like her picture taken).

Ok. A mystery picture. Can anyone tell me what this was used for?

Until next time...