Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a question, a cry, a plea for help (and advice)

I wrote this on a couple of email digests I get and thought I'd try this avenue as well.

"I posted a question similar to this last year, but I thought I'd try again. We need a place to live. We would prefer to be out in the country, no close neighbors, with some land for our animals. We don't have good credit and can't possible get a loan to buy anything. We also don't want to go into debt that way. We would have to rent or rent to own. It needs to be a larger size house, since we have nine children and are due with number ten in November. That presents another dilemma; November is when we need to be out of this house. I would really like to move at least a month or two before if not sooner. If we move out of this area I hate to leave my midwife, but am confident God will supply another one. So we really don't care where we go as long as it's where God wants us. We will do everything we can to find a place and see if that's God's will. I hope I'm making sense. I'll be glad to answer any questions anyone might have. As far as my dh's job, he is self-employed and has been doing construction (trim carpentry) for the last several years. He wants to learn to weld and has a lot of equipment already. He just needs someone to teach him. If anyone has any ideas, knows of any places for rent in the country, or just any advice in general, I'd really appreciate it."

Until next time...


Jenny B said...

will be prayin for ya'll!

Delilah said...

I sent you an email, and I am praying for you:)

Humble wife said...

Where do you desire to be? Is your end goal a move far away or to stay near to where you are?

I live in the sticks in NM and there is an empty home next door, that we heard the owner would rent to own or sell or just rent. It is on about 3 acres, and we face the Sacramento mountains.

We know two men who own a construction company, and know several other possibilities for work...but do not know your need etc.

For the record, here in Alamogordo nm area we are not struggling economically as we have two military bases that maintain the region.

I am aware that much is needed in thoughts etc, and the house next door is a manufactured home...but I also know that sometimes what one has in their region is what the other person is looking for.

Anonymous said...

Question for you....why do you continue to have children when it appears you can't provide for the ones you already have? If you are about to give birth to your 10th child, you would think you would have someplace stable for your children to live before you add another person to the mixture.

Tanya said...

They provide very well for all of their children. Most importantly is that all of their children are happy, intelligent, and very well adjusted. Like all young people today, times are tough. Jobs are hard to get. Maybe we should just offer up a prayer and let people live their own lives.