Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Creation Museum day 1

We left at 6:30 in the morning, Thursday.

Got to the Museum around 11:30. Yes, it took us 5 hours to drive up to northern Kentucky. (We had a 30 minute rest stop on the way).

Bought 2 day passes for the family and found out that for only $11 more we could get a year family pass which includes the planetarium. If you don't have the year membership, the planetarium is extra. We had until the end of the next day to update if we wanted to.

By the end of that day we realized that we would need to update. There just wasn't enough time to see everything!

She was seriously enjoying the toys in the bookstore. :) At one point she had about 20 little stuffed animals on the table. I had taken her to the bathroom and missed going into one of the presentations with everyone else. So we went and enjoyed ourselves in the bookstore. It was nice to spend a little one-on-one time with her. She is so cute!

For lunch we ate some food we had brought from home. (If you go and you are on a budget, I suggest bringing your own lunch. They let you eat in the pavilions out in the gardens. The food in the cafe and grill is kind of expensive).

As we were cleaning up after lunch an Amish couple came over and started talking to us. They were very nice and we learned a few things we didn't know before. There were several plain groups there in the three days we went. I guess it's a nice attraction for them.

The building is really nice.

The main walk through in the museum is soooo full of information, that we had to come back the next day and finish it. They recommend you take 2-3 hours for that part. It winds its way from the top floor down to the lower level. They have another little cafe down there too. My husband did buy a cappuccino at that one(yuck - sorry all you coffee and similar drink lovers out there - I can't stand the stuff).

The Palm Tree Cafe where hubby bought his cappuccino. Very nice. (The decor, not the drink).

More later.

Until next time...


LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

Your little one looks like a precious moments doll. :)
Very nice trip! I'd love to go sometime too! :)

Crystal Mary said...

Glad you had a lovely time, and thank you for sharing. I had never heard of it? Your little girl is beautiful.

chili pepper said...

Ok... I take serious offense ☺ As a cappuccino drinker, I mean. That building is gorgeous... looks like a great place to sit for a spell.