Thursday, June 24, 2010

Creation Museum day 2

We spent the night with my brother who lives on the northern side of Cincinnati. (Thanks for putting up with us).

We left his place the next morning and got to the museum again around 11:00. Don't ask me why we got there so late when we were so close this time. I guess since we were so close we were taking our time getting ready.

We went back to the walk through part and picked up where we left off the day before. Wow! So much information!

Watching one of the videos in the walk through.

Riding the Triceratops.

Checking out fossils.

Come back tomorrow for more. Remember we decided to get the year membership and ended up spending 3 days at the museum.

Until next time...

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chili pepper said...

Wow, Jen. It looks just as much fun as we expected. I can't wait to check it out for ourselves.