Thursday, August 5, 2010

last update for a while probably

This will probably be the last time I post for a while. I know I have gone long stretches before without posting, but this time I don't know for sure when I can.

I may try to update on the way, but it will be on borrowed computers.

Then I don't know how long it will be once we get there to get the internet hooked up again.

So good-bye Tennessee...

...hello New Mexico. :)

Until next time...


The Real Me! said...

Have a safe trip my friend. And we'll be here for when you come back!

chili pepper said...

Praying for a safe journey and a smooth transition to your new home.



I am blessed! said...

You won't be too far from us in New Mexico. We're in the panhandle of Texas. We're actually heading to Indiana at the end of the week, though. Hopefully we'll get to take in the Creation Science Museum on this trip! I enjoyed seeing your pics.

Happy moving!