Monday, September 6, 2010

Hello New Mexico

I really wish I could put some pictures on here of all we have seen since we've been here. But we don't have internet yet, and I'm borrowing a computer at a friend's house. I have some pictures online, but I don't know how to get them over here without downloading to our friend's computer. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get some on here soon.

We're all really enjoying this new location. It's very dry compared to east TN. That was soooo humid! My clothes actually get dry on the clothesline here! lol

The mountains are beautiful. Also so different from the Smokies, but still they have their own beauty.

We've been to White Sands. The kids had a blast there playing in the hills of sand. They were able to borrow some sleds and sled down the hills. It's just like snow; only not cold!

The town is small enough to not get lost (too much), but large enough to meet most of our needs. We will have to travel out of town for buying in bulk like at Sam's Club or Costcos. But the Wal-Mart Supercenter is here and also a small grocery store. We've been shopping there (the grocery store) more because the produce is cheaper and they make fresh tortillas! Last week they were giving out samples. Yum! There's nothing like a warm, fresh tortilla.

So overall, we're having a good time. I'm not going to say we are living a dream; we have our problems. But I am determined to only put the positive on here. Except for the rattlesnakes...and scorpions. But those are just a fact of life around here. So ignore that part. :)

Until next time...


Jenny B said...

thanks for the update Jen:) We didn't see any live scorpions on our visit out west and thankful for it:) I heard they are pretty prominant creatures out there but we were blessed with a critter free trip:)

Anonymous said...

So glad that you posted and that all is well with your family :)

I am blessed! said...

Glad you're getting settled.


chili pepper said...

Hi, Jen.

Thanks for the update. I have a letter for you still sitting on my counter and have been wanting to email... where does the time go??? And I can not believe that you have just to months til baby! Wow!

We look forward to more updates and pictures when you are able.


The whole Pepper gang

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

I haven't been on for a few months so I am delighted to see you guys actually did make it to NM!!! Awesome! I'm sure it takes adjusting! Can't wait to see pictures! :) Hang in there!

Jenny B said...

prayin for ya'll ! I started a homemaking blog cause of you! LOL you inspired me along with others that I follow thanks to your blog about large families and homemeaking. My family isn't that "large" but we are considered a large family by many.