Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the adventure

(Some of the windmills in west TX, as the sun was rising, on the drive back.)

So I looked back over my posts and noticed that I had not updated you, my readers, on all of our adventures.

You know we had to move from east TN rather suddenly. You knew we went to NM. Well guess where we are now? Georgia. See? Rather an adventure.

We headed out from TN in August. It took us 4 days to get to OK, where most of my family lives, to visit them. We even considered staying there, but then decided to stick with our original plan to go to New Mexico. We're glad we did.

New Mexico is aptly nicknamed "The Land of Enchantment". There is something that pulls you there and even if you leave the state, you've carried something out with you. And no, it's not the sand. lol

But the job situation isn't the best out there (is it anywhere?). We had a great house, met some wonderful people, had fun seeing some of the sites, but the job wasn't going to support us for long.

It was a great 5 week vacation!

Back east we come.

One of the main reasons for coming back was our midwife. I'm a pretty private person when it comes to things like giving birth, and I don't like having to get to know someone new, especially so close to the actual event. Our midwife is great!

Since we obviously couldn't go back to the house we were in, we had to find another place close to our midwife. A long-time friend generously offered to let us stay in his house until the baby is born and for how ever long we need to afterward.

So while we are back east we are not exactly where we were. And who knows where we'll go next!

It has been one great adventure. :)

Until next time...


Felipe and Dana~ Heirs together of the grace of life. Parents to 10 children said...

Hello and thank you for your comment.
I've only listened to two sets of Denny Kennistons tapes and gleaned a lot from both.
My husband and I both wish now we'd have heard the set on Godly Courtship when our older children were first coming into their teen years. As it is we are so blessed that God has done a great work for our daughter.

PS. I am private too when it comes to birth. That is probably why we went unassisted with our last 7 children. I hope it all goes well for you. :)

Arlene said...

I'm glad to see the Lord is still taking care of you all during this time, and especially glad you are able to stay with your mid-wife. I know the uncertainty of your situation isn't easy, but just keep trusting the Lord as you're already doing, and He will make His will known to you in His timing. *hugs*

Can't wait to hear when this little one decides to make an appearance!