Sunday, November 21, 2010


Chaotic craftiness


Covering up :)

Completed project
My mom had the idea of the kids, well actually all of us, making placemats for Christmas dinner. We used card stock, old Christmas cards, markers, ribbon, glue, and her handy-dandy laminating machine to create "masterpieces".
Everyone got to design their own placemat and when they were finished Ma-maw laminated them. They are now awaiting Christmas dinner.
Does anyone else have craft they will do with their children for Christmas or even Thanksgiving?
What's that? Is the baby here? Don't ask.

Until next time...


Crystal Mary said...

They all look so busy and happy. Their finished work is wonderful ..God bless you for encouraging them, what a lovely mother you are. Hugs CML

chili pepper said...

What a fun project... and nice way to pass the time until baby shows up. I'm guessing Thursday at this rate. That's how babies are... waiting for the most time inconvenient moment to make their appearance ☺ Praying.



heidi said...

Great work! Sorry baby isn't here yet. :-(

I'm just coming out from underneath the first 2 months of fogginess. We're getting a routine down and settling in so now I have a bit of free time to go read blogs, etc. You've been busy and had lots of changes!

Good luck - hope baby comes soon!