Saturday, March 5, 2011

how to spend less than $10 on a prom dress

Yes, you read that right.

My friend's daughter just showed us her prom dress. The one she spent less than $10 on.

She found a couple of dresses at a thrift store, liked part of one, and part of another, put them together and - voila!

The wrap was some material she found at Wal-Mart; $3 for the rest of the bolt, which was at least a couple of yards. She also made the sleeves out of that.

So there it is - the prom dress for less than $10. Custom made, too!

(disclaimer, lest I get some blasting comments after some previous posts I've written: Our family doesn't agree with attending dances, but I just wanted to share how a young person could be thrifty and still look nice.)

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chili pepper said...

This is just something my girls would do. (Not that they would wear a dress cut like that or attend a dance... particularly one that involved boys and girls and sensual music) but they are so good at taking discarded things and turning them into something great. One of the things they do is lots of people give us bags of clothes. There are often pants in there... which we don't wear. However, they have figured out how to turn a pair of pants into a quick and feminine long skirt for no more than the cost of thread. They are so much braver and more creative than I am. Teaching them to sew and setting them lose with the machine was one of the most useful things I have ever done.