Sunday, March 6, 2011

overprotected, isolated, non-socializing children

Ever wondered what those kind of children look like? I'll show you:

These pictures have been taken over the last few years. They have been socializing with children and adults alike, from all parts of the country. We have taken trips (more than I took as a child), met new friends, and seen a lot of things. They have friends from Texas to Maryland and several points in between. They have seen several zoos (we love them :) ), a few museums, and some historical sites. And we would like to see many more.

So when people say that homeschooled children are overprotected, isolated, or non-socialized, they don't know what they are talking about.

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chili pepper said...

Amen! Studies prove out that home school kids tend to be better socialized and have more opportunities for real life than their traditional school counterparts... not that it would change our position if they didn't... but isn't it funny that we said so much twenty years ago?

chili pepper said...

You had me at first by the way. I thought they were current pictures and ready to cry for the want of all that nice green grass! Things are so depressingly brown and dreary around here. Counting the days until we can be outdoors again!