Thursday, May 24, 2012

busy days

 planning to fish
 bike riding
 planting trees
 being silly
 getting photographed
 riding horses
 Trail riding
 Horsing around
 Taping the van
 painting the van
 havin' fun
 let's gallop
 I'm tired
 now we're bored

What have we been doing lately?  Keeping pretty busy. :)

Until next time...



WendyM said...

I love all the pictures. Where do you find all the energy?

tamela said...

Thanks for the update with photos~
My husband and I really enjoyed looking at them~ Have a Fabulous day~

The Momma said...

Fun pictures! I found your website through

JenT said...

I should have added a disclaimer or not taken by oldest took all of these pictures. She even helped label some when I got busy.