Thursday, May 31, 2012



I prance in mighty splendor here
A lion crouches down in fear.
I snort my awesome fiery rage
My name is written down on page.
Though saddled, sat on, I am king
No bridle can withhold my sting.
I rear and paw the ground in dance
My teeth are sharper than a lance.
I strike and run with slashing hoof
I need no shelter, have no roof.
My mane and tail fly like a flame
My wildness no man can tame.
I own the forest, field, and stream
The mountains echo with my scream.
My legs are fast, they are a blur
I cannot be captured, no fence, no lure.
I go so fast, I seem to fly
I skim the ground without a try.
My only supplement is grass
A human never calls me lass.
I swim through water like a fish
My legs move fast, the men do wish
That they had legs like mine.
I move not straight, without a line
I go where I ever please;
I run in the shade of the trees.
I mock the cows and tease the goat
I laugh at the horse that packs a tote.
My eyes are fire, my breath is smoke
I call the sun at the morning woke.
My muscles throb with energy
I trespass the town without a fee.
I gallop through as the wind does sigh
A mighty Friesian horse am I.

written by D.R.T (my second daughter)

Until next time...



tamela said...

That is nice, You have a most talented young lady there... I enjoyed that Thanks lots.

Tanya said...

LOVE IT!!! You're a wonderful and smart child!

crissy said...

Great job D! This is a wonderful poem!

chili pepper said...

Wow! That is some talent. I am stuck at roses are red.