Monday, March 3, 2014

and yet another birthday!

The most and closest birthdays occur between 19 Feb and 1 March (19 Feb, 22 Feb, 1 Mar).

The last one was for our princess. :)  Well, all the girls are princesses, but she was the first one to really act like one. (The two oldest were more tomboyish than girly).

For her birthday, an Alpaca show just happened to be in town.  Since it was something we don't normally go to, we decided to check it out.

 I think these things are pretty neat.

 The stuff they make with their wool is pretty cool too.  We were able to touch the dyed wool and it was so soft you could hardly feel it!

 Love this sweater and another teal one in the middle of the rack.  Unfortunately, everything was really expensive.

Back to the birthday girl.

Yes, sometimes they like to help decorate their own birthday cake.

She is now 9.

*sigh*  My little babies are growing up!

Until next time...


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