Sunday, June 29, 2014

giveaway: homemade soap!

I am having a giveaway!!

 cold processed scented homemade soap vanilla lavender rose sea mist ocean breeze

I can't remember the last time I had a giveaway of my very own on here.  The last few times I've talked about giveaways, they've been from another blog.

But this time it's my very own giveaway...of my very own soap...that I made on my very own.


You pick the scent you want and I'll send you a bar of homemade soap.  It is made of natural oils, water, sodium hydroxide (lye), scents, and colors.

Here are the scents I have available:

Saddle Up (a leather-like scent)
Lavender Touch
Sugar Cookie (vanilla)
Very Berry (strawberry)
Rose Petals
Sea Mist (ocean scent)
Date Night (chanel)
Tropical Paradise (coconut)

To enter this giveaway, you only have to comment below and tell me your favorite Independence Day memory. 

That's it!

Yes, I know - so simple.  No rafflecopter...just me, a bowl, names, and someone picking a winner. (So be sure and leave your name and a way to contact you such as an email address).

This giveaway will last all week long.  I will pick a winner next Sunday, July 6th and announce it Monday the 7th.

So - comment away!!

Also - I have these soaps available on my etsy shop for purchase.  So you don't have to wait and take a chance on winning.  You can have some now!  Just go here and choose what you want.

Until next time...



Kathleen w said...

Hi, Jen. I love lavender. We've been trying to find time to make our own soap for years but have never gotten around to it. I have so many great memories of Independence Day! We love to get Italain ice and watch fireworks in the city park. Or the BSO concert and firework display at Antietam battle field where they end with the 1812 overture complete with cannons. Or if I go way back to my childhood all the Irish and Italian relatives coming together where there would be both a roasted turkey and Italain squasage sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

My favositre Independence Day memory... watching fireworks on thwe lake with some dear friends in their boat! All the boats were decked out in celebration- what an exciting night to enjoy freedom.

Missy Parris said...

My favorite memory is watching fireworks with my husband and two year old almost 16 years ago. I was a week late with my second and had been hurting really bad for days but not making any progress with labor. While watching the fireworks my labor improved greatly and we decided to head back to the hospital (30 minutes away) again. Our entire ride there we heard fireworks being set off. I had her the next day and she'll always be my little firecracker. I'd love to win some soap, I've been wanting to make some since we watched the West Ladies soap making. Thanks for the chance, Missy P.
my email is

tamela said...

My most favourite fireworks was All the years that I spent watching the display that was presented in Laurel, Montana. I have watched them from the park, from the reservation, from a graveyard and from Walmart parking lot... All the time with my sweetheart and my children... What a Blast.... I would be delighted to have some of the Lavendar soap, thanks for putting this giveaway on.

Anonymous said...

When our oldest was 2 and our middle one was almost 2 months old, we went to the World's Fair Park to watch the fireworks and listen to the KSO perform. We had a blast! The lavender soap sounds great. I'd love to try it!

Alicia Lucy

Laura Mueller said...

My favorite Independence Day memory is when my family all came up to visit me and we went to watch the fireworks .

Laura Mueller said...

My email is

Wendy Moore said...

Mine is of spending time with my family on the farm cooking out. My kids get to do it now.
I would really like to try the coconut. If I win do you deliver? Haha

Leisa Nan Rogers said...

I have to really think on what is my favorite Independence day celebration. I am the youngest child in a family of 3 kids. My brothers are 13 and 14 years older than I am and always could do so much more. Well, this particular 4th of July, I was allowed to climb up a ladder and sit on the roof with them to watch the local firework show. I remember feeling like I was so grown up, sitting up there with them. They both left for college soon after that year and I entered first grade. I guess it was probably one of the last years we were all living at home. This year, I spent the 4th with my oldest brother and my 2 youngest boys. You can no longer see the fireworks from our home (which he and his late wife bought some years ago) but we went town and sat together and watched the firework show once again. It was great evening. So, which was best? I cant say but the later brought back that wonderful memory. I am so thankful for big brothers.
Oh, and I probably would like the vanilla
Leisa Rogers

Leisa Nan Rogers said...

As the youngest child in a family with only 3 children, and being the only girl, I was unable to do some of the things the older boys did. One 4th of July, I was allowed to climb up on our roof and sit with my brothers to watch the firework show. I thought I was so big. I guess I was around 4 or 5, they were 13 and 14 years older than me. That was probably the last year we all lived at home as they began college and military the following year. This year, my 2 youngest children and myself, sat along with my oldest brother at the local firework show our hometown and watched another 4th of July show. It brought back the memory of so many years ago, Such a great evening and many more shared memories.
I think I would like to try the vanilla scent.