Sunday, July 6, 2014

birthday (again)

Well, it's about that time around our house...yep another birthday. :)

This one is for one of our little princesses...she turned 7 on July 3rd.  (yes, I'm late in posting)

 (She was happier than she looked, we just didn't get a good picture of her with the balloons).

She likes princesses and playing with her sisters and brothers.

She picked a pink and purple birthday cake and her oldest sister obliged.

She likes Frozen and I know a lady that crochets loveys, soooo....

 (Anna and Elsa loveys)

 All of our little kids love the loveys we have (we also have Merida and Rapunzel from the same lady).  If you are looking for a lovey for your little one visit her etsy shop Lucy's Loops05.  She does some amazing work.

And that's all. :)

Until next time...


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Betsy said...

The part looked like lots of fun. My favorite is the balloon picture. I love pictures like that. :-). The lovers are so cute. I know my miss Piper would love them too-she's a great fan of Frozen.