Monday, July 7, 2014

giveaway winner!!

I loved reading about your 4th of July memories.  

 Photo: Happy Independence Day!


My favorite 4th of July was probably one I remember as a teen.  Growing up the big thing to do on the 4th was attending the 4th of July Rodeo in Wright City, OK (a town close to my grandparents).  This particular one my younger aunt and I were allowed to walk around the carnival by ourselves.  We had so much fun.  After riding the rides we wanted, we went to watch the rodeo.  We made sure to get to the rodeo in time for the bull-riding (our favorite part).  The big finale at the end of the rodeo was the fireworks with the last one being an American flag lit up in the arena.  It was a great night. :)

And now announcing the winner....drum roll please...




and the winner is.................Kathleen W. !!!!  Congratulations!

If you still are partial to the lavender I will send you that one.  If not, let me know the scent you want.

Thank you all for entering.  Keep checking back, I may just have another giveaway up my sleeve soon. :)

Until next time... JenT

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TheNotSoPrfctHseWife said...

Hi Jen,
It's been awhile since I've stopped by. Sorry about that.
Just wanted to pop in and say hi!!
Hope you and your family are doing well!!
Hope to be back by again soon. Still following along :-)