Tuesday, May 24, 2016

graduate number two

13 years ago we started down a path called "Homeschooling".  We were totally new at this.  We knew a few people that were starting at the same time, or had only been doing it for a few years.  We were completely in the dark.  Greenhorns.  Newbies.

Last year we graduated our oldest child.  She had no desire to get a college degree so we did not pursue that.  (I mentally sighed in relief - I did not want to tackle ACT scores, scholarship applications, etc.)

This year, we graduated our second child.  SHE wants to be a Radiologist.  Hmm...college forms here we come!  Thankfully, she is very motivated and initiative oriented.  She is filling out all the paperwork and I just have to provide some information sometimes.

And yes, they both graduated early.  That's one of the benefits of homeschooling.  They work at their own pace and that usually means faster than public school students.  Child number one graduated at 17, child number two graduated at 16. 

And I still have 11 more to go!!

Until next time...


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