Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ben-Hur remade

 Most movies made years ago, those we consider classics (or very close to a classic), really shouldn't be remade.  I have absolutely refused to watch some of the remakes; Annie, The Sound of Music.  I really didn't want to watch Ben-Hur, but my hubby convinced me to go with him...or maybe he bribed me with a Sonic slush and .50 corn dogs.  Well, however he got me to the theater let me just say, I actually like this remake.  They did leave out a huge section, but they probably had to shorten it to accommodate movie rules or something like that.  I won't spoil it for anyone who has not seen it, but I will say it was worth the ticket price.  And I usually don't say that about just any movie.

Now of course if you have never seen the original Ben-Hur, it would behoove you to do so immediately.  You can find it on Amazon and if you follow the link below they will like me for it.  And I will like you for it. ;)
The top one is for watching directly from Amazon...the lower one is for ordering the DVD. 
So pop some popcorn, ice your favorite drink, and settle in for an epic movie!
You're welcome.

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Kathleen Wachter said...

I, and my family, thought the new Annie was far superior to the first. Just saying. Looking forward to seeing the new Ben Hur... Mostly because my kids are dying to see it.