Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Prayer Requests

Pray for my youngest. He has a fever and feels yucky. He just got two new teeth, his first actually, and it's not fun for him. :(
He does not feel this good right now.


Also pray for a friend of ours. An IRL friend. He was in a bad motorcycle accident. A car came into his lane and hit him head-on (he was on the motorcycle). It's a miracle he's alive. He told me on the phone that he seriously thought he'd be seeing Jesus face-to-face when it happened.

It's bad enough that he has a broken arm and three places in his pelvic bone broken, and a lot of bumps, and bruises, but he has to contend with the fact that he's an amputee. Not because of this wreck. He's had only one leg for years. But that hasn't slowed him down one bit. He hiked the Appalachian Trail a few years ago. The whole thing. Hey, I couldn't do that with two good legs! He rises to the challenge of what life throws him and I don't see this hindering him one bit. He'll be back on his feet as soon as possible. (I say feet, because he has a prosthesis).

Just some additional information about our friend. You know the verse, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends". (John 15:13) Sure, that means, like, a person would die for his friend. But I also think it could mean that a person would lay aside his own life, the activities and plans that he has right now, in order to help out a friend. This friend and his family are like that. They are people you can depend on. I know for a fact, that if we need help, they would do everything possible to help us. They would literally "lay down their life" for their friends. This family set aside their life temporarily last year when I had to go into the hospital to have our baby. It was unexpected and at the last minute they willingly came and stayed with our other children so that we could be in the hospital. Since they live about an hour away, we offered them our house. It was easier on them because of some water difficulties they had been having last summer. So say a prayer for the Rogers Family that everything would work out for them.

You can check out his blog here.

Until next time...