Monday, February 22, 2010

better late than never

Yeah, just so you know...I'm terrible at posting on stuff I really want to.

See I won this giveaway and told Kathy C. that I would post about using her very cute apron on Valentine's Day. Blah...(slapping myself).

Well, sometimes, plans change. I had planned to have a Valentine's Day dinner at home (nothing really special planned except for dessert. What?).

But my mom texted me right after church and invited us to her house for lunch. Well, who wouldn't jump on that invite? I'm not that slow. :)

So instead we made the dessert Monday (and boy was it yummy!). Then I did the cookies later in the week. Cookies? Oh, yeah...Kathy was very generous.

I won the apron on her giveaway, but she went above and beyond. She sent me a cookie mix (homemade no less) in a re-usable plastic Valentine's container, a cute Valentine, some candy sprinkles, and some candy heart-shaped decorations. Wow! I was overwhelmed, awed, and impressed. And very touched. That was super-sweet of her. Don'tcha think? Thanks again, Kathy C.!

So, I guess, better late than never, huh?

Until next time...

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Kathy C. said...

LOL...Jen, I had intended to pop over here and look for this post and never did, then "blush" forgot...gulp. :(
BUT, I was reading your comment on Lisa's blog today and saw that your b-day is Mar. 25th...just had to pop over and say "Hey! Mine is the 28th!". :) I knew I liked you, hee hee!
I'm glad you enjoyed the package...I really enjoyed putting together for you! :)