Sunday, February 21, 2010

cloth diapers

She's happy I've decided to use cloth diapers.

In fact, she'll show off her cloth diaper.

He likes cloth diapers, too. But he's not showing you his. :)

You should cloth diaper, too!

(Well, of course, this only applies if you have a baby in diapers).

Until next time...


Renata said...

I love this new style of nappies they have! I saw then on some other blogs & thought that if we have more children I want to use them too.
I really like your new blog look!
Hope you're having a lovely day
Renata :)

That Crazy Goat Woman said...

those are adorable....but trust me, my KIDS wouldn't leave them on! They won't even leave the disposable ones on. hahahahaha

Jenny B said...

great nappies:) I desired that kind when I cloth diapered...made a few of my own but wow am I glad we're out of diapers! One thing I remember was when our washer died with a load of dirty diapers in it!

Humble wife said...

I love this velcro style of diapers. I used cloth diapers on my children, and when we were in Germany I had to hand wash them(I soaked them, rinsed them, and then boiled them). It was not easy especially when I had two in diapers but I could not see wasting so much money.

I used diaper pins, and the rubber pants on the kids. Whenever I go to thrift stores, I buy the rubber pants if they are in good condition as I do with cloth diapers for grandbabies(no I do not have any yet:)

Have a great day!