Monday, January 10, 2011

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

(my mom's truck)

So if you've been watching the weather, you know that the south is experiencing a major winter storm. Right now it's just snow, but sometime today or tonight it's supposed to be rain and snow, here in east TN.

The road in front of the house.

When we were in NM we acquired 3 saucer sleds to use at White Sands. Unfortunately we left them (along with a lot more of our stuff) in OK with some of my family. We didn't think we would be in TN that long, plus we didn't think we would be getting much snow here. And we definitely didn't think we'd get it in OK. Well, they are getting snow, too. And we are here in lots of snow and no sleds. Oh well.

Shoveling the driveway.

The back roads are so slick that my mom had to stay in town at a hotel once she went to work on Monday. Don't know if she'll be able to get back tonight either.

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chili pepper said...

So funny that you all have had more snow than us this winter. We just had a few inches tonight which everyone was really excited about... something that normally would hardly make any notice but is a big deal because we've had so little. Hope the kids are loving it!