Saturday, February 26, 2011

way of the world

If you march to the beat of your own drummer, sometimes you get kicked out of the band.

You can live your life the way the world thinks you should or you can live your life the way you feel God leading you to. Sometimes when you follow God, people think you are stupid. They may even tell you that; or just treat you like you are.

What does the typical, American life look like these days anyway?

First: Hospital birth; sometimes even a c-section. Not that I am totally against those; after all, I had to have one with my 9th child. But they have their place. It was an emergency situation. Many people just plan them for the convenience or because their doctor recommends it. I say, get a second opinion and do the research yourself. So many c-sections can be avoided by taking precautions beforehand or by just knowing your facts. Research, research, research!!!

Next comes the typical childhood: public school, sleepovers, dates, prom, not to mention all the extra-curricular activities that fill up a child's evenings and weekends. So what happens when you don't do that with/for your children? You're labeled over-protective, isolating, or non-socializing. I'll suggest the alternatives in a later post.

After graduation comes college, which means debt. (Oh, unless you can get a free ride from the government). Then possibly marriage, with the expected 2.5 kids. Usually for over 89% of the population a divorce is scheduled in there somewhere. And for some more than one divorce takes place in their life.

A mortgage, car payments, vacations, brand-name clothes, toys (big and small), junk to fill up their overpriced house, entertainment to dull the mind; these all line up and take their place in life. (And I've probably forgotten a few). On top of that a few credit cards attach themselves to the tail of the line.

You're not happy, you're stressed out because the pay check doesn't begin to cover your living expenses. What do you do? Just struggle along and dream of "someday" getting ahead in life. Why does it have to be "someday"? Why do people follow the way of the world? And why is it that when other people choose to live their lives differently those that are in the band get angry? Is it because they're miserable and they can't stand to see someone else happy? Misery loves company. "If I'm not happy, you can't be happy." That seems to be their motto. Or "you're going against what I believe you should be doing and I don't like that". Well, that's fine, but I'm not living to make you happy.

Ultimately we will all answer to the Judge someday and we won't be judged according to what the world thought we should do with our lives. We will by judged according to the Bible and what it says. We will answer to what the Lord told us to do and not what society dictates.

This is just some stuff I've been thinking about lately. I've thought about it before, but now I'm putting it into words.

And for another look at life, stay tuned for the next post.

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Jenny B said...


The Real Me! said...

Yeah, a lot of people think we are weird. When people say, "We need to get together." I always tell them that THEY are too busy. LOL!

It's our life and we love it. Weirdness and all. I've been hanging my clothes out to dry to try to save some money and I don't care what people think. I actual enjoy it.

Just know I'm with you girlfriend.

chili pepper said...

Well put, Jen.

And then you go to your death bed saying... if only and what if?