Sunday, February 24, 2013

birthdays and prayer requests

 This past week is one of the busiest in our family; we celebrate two birthdays!  Our oldest son turned 12 on the 19th and our baby turned 1 on the 22nd!

she really liked her pink cake

And  now, I have a couple of prayer requests if you please:
My friend Kat over at Art's Chili Pepper is having a hard time with her pregnancy.  She is a super sweet friend and I would so like it if you could say a prayer for her time to get easier as she nears her delivery date.  Read her updates because she can explain much better than I. :)

Also, pray for us as we are planning our annual two-week trip out to TX/OK for a homeschool conference and to visit family.  Every year we have to figure out the cost because the registration for the conference changes depending on which class each child attends (sometimes the prices change too), the cost of gas is constantly fluctuating, and there are extras to add in; clothes, food, etc.  We have until the middle of April to make sure we have it all together.  I have a couple of girls changing classes/events so they will need different clothes this year.  I didn't realize how hard it was to find a black skirt for a 13 year old. lol

Busy days ahead!!

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Kathleen w said...

Hi, Dear Friend.

Thank you so much for the prayers. You truly could not know how much the love and encouragement and support of believers means to this family! We are praying for you on the question of your move and your upcoming trip as well as the many responsibilities that come when you are trying to raise a family for the Lord.

I can not believe she is one already. How on earth can time go that fast???? Happy birthday to that sweet 12 year old. Nathaniel was 11 this year. I was thinking how is that 11 seems so grown up for our sons and for our daughters they were still just girls?

I am with you on the skirt issue. Two years ago Emma needed a black skirt for our Christmas cantata. I looked high and low. Finally, the week before, even though I was sick to death with morning sickness and suffering from the flu, I gave up and we sewed one. It was far easier than dragging from store to store trying to find what didn't exist. Have you checked eBay? Sometimes, if you aren't in a hurry, you can find just what you need and way cheaper to boot.