Friday, February 14, 2014

it's all about love

 How was your Valentine's Day?  We celebrated from breakfast to nighttime.
We started with a yummy breakfast that we usually don't indulge in: stuffed French toast with strawberry syrup and cool whip.  The stuffing was cream cheese and the strawberry syrup was homemade.  Yum!!

And after breakfast the plates looked like this:




 Oh yeah, the main dinner meal: garlic bread and lasagna


Instead of using traditional lasagna noodles, I used egg noodles.  I usually make crock-pot lasagna and use those, but today I didn't.  We love them anyway. :)

We had several of these balloons hanging almost everywhere, but I didn't want to fill the post up with decorations. :)

Let's get this party started!  lol  Some of my little sweethearts. :)

Our youngest sweetheart (so far). :)

Until next time...


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