Friday, February 14, 2014

love or Valentine's Day isn't just for sweethearts

This year, we made the grandparents some Valentines and sent them along with a little wooden box that the children made (they all made one and we chose 5 to send), plus some chocolates.  After all, Valentine's Day just isn't complete without some chocolate!

My mom sent me a pic of hers that she got today.  The postal service had great timing in this instance. :)

Then I told my hubby that his girls needed a box of chocolate from their daddy first, before they got one from some guy.  So he made a quick last minute run to the store and got them their very own box of chocolates.  :)  BTW...I wasn't left out; he got me one yesterday AND today. :)

Oh and our oldest (third pic) really did like them...I just snapped the button at the wrong time and didn't notice until now.  But I assure you - she loved it. :)

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