Friday, January 23, 2009

Measure your feet

Today is Measure Your Feet day. Who thinks up these things? Well, I didn't measure mine (who wants to know how big my feet are, really? I've had 9 kids, they're big enough). Anyway, the kids wanted me to measure theirs. They really get into this stuff sometimes. So, my 5 yob feet is bigger by 1/4 inch than his bigger 6 yob. Does that mean anything? He's already wearing the same size clothes. Is he going to be taller? The average height in my dh's family is 5'8". He has an uncle over 6' and his brother is over 6'. Maybe my son will be one of the odd ones. :)
So that was my exciting day. Oh yeah and scheduling the kiddos check-ups. Yep, I do it all at once. Thankfully our family dr is a large family man himself (they have 8) and he understands the concept of trying to get this done. So they are set to take up half his day with just my kids. Joy. :)


Nursechic said...

oh my I cant imagine really since it was all I could do Monday to take my girls and get their eyes checked @ the same I keep forgetting that you do 9 at a time

chili pepper said...

OK. I am going to try to do the comment thing again. That little glitch keeps deleting them on me. But, I do the same. haircuts all on one day. Dentist all on one day. Eye doc... all on one day. It takes up half their schedule for the day but it definitely has its advantages. 1-being that I can't imagine making that many trips...gee that would be like half my year running to check ups and haircuts and the orthodontist! Yikes. And 2- the plus is that by seeing us all at once than we can see trends that might go unnoticed otherwise. Plus, they know us really well which is great when you want to call and chat something through and get a prescription called in instead of dragging everyone into town just to get an antibiotic or refill on allergy meds.