Tuesday, March 2, 2010

another day, another birthday

Two birthdays in our family are pretty close together. Within 10 days of each other actually. :)

The birthday girl.

The cake.

The ice cream.

The gifts.

A special treat.

What is she hiding?

What I consider the best gift. :) Peanut butter pie fudge. Yum! (She shared a bite with me). They make this where my husband works and he brought home a sizeable chunk.

More gifts.

I think she had a good birthday. She got to invite a family over and they came. We usually tell people to not bring gifts, but somehow we forgot and they did bring some things. It was really nice and she loved them all.

Time flies.

She's 5 now. It seems like yesterday she was just a baby.

Now she's a princess.

Until next time...


Arlene said...

Aww, happy birthday! She looks just like you, btw (and has good taste in fudge like you, too, lol). Cute cake! :o)

Carin said...

oh that grin she has is just the best! hey, I should have asked for fudge for my birthday. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

Anita said...

I don't know how much fudge I had when we were up in your neck of the woods this past fall, but that fudge looks great and I am ready for more. Send me a sample....or two....or three! I am smelling it now!! Love all the free samples up there!

Robynn's Ravings said...

What a fun day for a darling girl! Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

Wanted to let you know I made your chocolate choc. chip cookies tonight and took some to a friend as their dessert for the dinner I made. My family loves them! THANK YOU!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your Princess!

And this next part is for you. We went to Sam's Club today and the Taste Testers are back! The lady told us they started back March 1st under a new company and new contracts and new pay (She got a $3/hour cut in pay). Just wanted to let you know!

Kathleen said...

Oh how I miss those sweet days! I hope she had a happy bday. The cake was really cute too!

Beccalynn said...

I LOVE your birthday cake! Great job!

Beccalynn said...

I just saw the button that says "Quiverfull" Someone told me once that a "quiver" held ten arrows (well, at least the one the Bible refers to) so you ALMOST have your quiver full :-D