Friday, March 12, 2010

so tired

Some ladies get morning sickness.

Some ladies get other kinds of sickness.

Some ladies get weird cravings.

Some ladies get bursts of energy.

Some ladies get heartburn.

Some ladies get tired.

I am of the last group. Most of the day I'm good. But around 4:30? 5:00? See-ya! I'm ready to crash! Of course I can't until my dear hubby comes home, but I'm pretty much gone for the rest of the day. The kids run the house.

Hence, not a lot of posting going on.

Along with the tired, fuzzy-brain I seem to lose my appetite in the evening. At least it's not the other way around.

Until next time...


Jenny B said...

praying for you jen:)

He & Me + 3 said...

I got insomnia in the middle of the night. It was so fun for me the next day trying to care for the kids. Ugh. I hear ya on being tired.

heidi said...

Hang in there, Jen!!! I'm finally feeling like I can stay awake past 6 these days.

Arlene said...

I seem to get tired with mine, as well. Actually, all 3 of mine have been different. With my first, I took a nap every afternoon, even if I didn't mean to... I would just conk out. I also would feel like I had to throw up, but I only did once. Oh, and all I ever wanted was Taco Bell or Robin Hood. With the second (which I miscarried), I didn't get tired, but I was immediately running to the bathroom every 5 minutes (okay, it just seemed that way). With this one, I haven't ever thrown up, but there were lots of food items I would just look at and say, "Um... nope, can't eat that." I still can't even look at a can of tuna without grimacing. I have also had lots of random cravings with this one. Weird how they can all be so different, huh?

I hope you get some energy back soon!

Anonymous said...

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