Thursday, June 11, 2009

prayer request update 2

Thank you so much everyone for your prayers. It is such a blessings to see many Christians rally around in prayer and offering other support. Sophia is doing so much better. The doctors originally said a month at least to recover. She is being moved to a room (out of ICU) tomorrow and as soon as next Monday could be going home. Praise God! The main problem was pneumonia that actually caused her heart to fail. But today she came off the respirator and was put on a liquid diet thru a tube. She is also getting ice to help her start swallowing again.

Another blessing that came out of this is that Isaiah, the baby, is a very good baby. He is 9 days old and very content. She definitely didn't need a fussy baby on top of this.

To everyone who offered to help; thank you so much. They have a church family and neighbors who are lending a hand. Her mother is applying for an extension on her stay and that will be a big help. (Her mother is from the Philippines).

Just pray that her recovery will be swift and complete and that her mother will be able to stay.

Until next time...