Monday, June 8, 2009

Some miscellany stuff

Light miscellany.

Summer fun. My favorite color.


Check this out:

I am SO glad I got a couple of these a couple of weeks ago. The baby had a blowout in his car seat the other day. BUT - I had a piddle pad. Wow. All I had to do was grab it out of his seat and throw it in the washer (after rinsing it first) to wash it. Then I laid it on the washer to dry (it can't be dried in the dryer). The next time we went somewhere I just put it back in his seat. So easy. No struggling to wash the car seat cover in the seat or even worse, taking the cover off and washing it, then putting it back on. If you want to get one of these go here. They save time and effort.


Now that summer is here, the kids are finding all kinds of critters to study. Here's one example:

Until next time...