Saturday, December 5, 2009

largest Christmas Wonderland

One of the things we look forward to this time of year is the lights. Lights, lights everywhere! Normally we like to get home before dark, but when it starts getting close to Christmas we don't mind if we are out after dark.

The other night we stopped by the Shadrack Watersports & RV Christmas light show. It's located right off of exit 407 in Sevierville. It's very close to our house, so doesn't take long to get there and we wouldn't be out too late afterward.

This is the largest show of it's kind and uses tens of thousands of lights. The lights are synchronized to Christmas tunes. It's very cool.

Now I realize that everyone can't come to TN and see a light show. So I thought I'd bring it to you.

Go see the Christmas Wonderland light show here
. The larger video is just a commercial, but the smaller ones above have the actual music and show.


Until next time...