Friday, January 8, 2010

38 of 52 photos of me

Forever In Blue Jeans

I feel like I'm a day behind on everything this week. That forgotten-then-remembered dentist appointment really threw me for a loop.

Ok, so here's my picture for this week of Carin's Challenge. The one she started last year. I'm on week 38 so I still have a few more to go. Then I guess I'll start her next challenge. Still pictures of mom, but they can be by myself or with anyone in the picture.

Sorry for the blur. My oldest took it out to get pictures of the snow and it got a little frosty on the lens. But she did a good job! Like the black and white effect? She decided to do that. Spice it up a bit. :)

Now go on over to Carin's and check out all the links she's got. A lot of moms are getting in on her new challenge, Shoot Me!. I'll start that one after I've finished this one.

Until next time...


He & Me + 3 said...

I like that picture and I like the sepia tone. You son has your smile. Beautiful.

Carin said...

What a great picture, she did a really good job and you two look so cute. Ah, I hate when you come in from the cold and the lenses fog over. I like the color you gave your picture.

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

I tried keeping up with and I just couldn't...
What a cute picture though.
Love your new blog template!