Saturday, January 9, 2010

it's cold outside!

I can't remember a colder winter. I may have lived during one, but I dont' remember. At least not here in the states. Now, the three winters I was in Japan, it was cold. Think North Dakota or Montana in the winter. (At least, I think it was that cold. Having never been to those two states, I'm just guessing and going off of what others told me. But I do remember a LOT of snow).

Now I thought that being in TN it would be warmer. And the winters haven't been too bad these last...oh...12 years. But now?'s cold! The snow actually stuck around for more than a day!

On days like this, I am sooooo thankful for good shelter and hot water. I've heard stories of other places that have suffered busted water pipes and frozen pipes and drains. Well, I think I'll shut my mouth and not complain about a little cold. Nope, I'm perfectly fine. :)

Oh and my new background? I decided I'd had enough snow and wanted a warm quilt to wrap up in. :)

Keep warm, people!!

Until next time...


Anita said...

Love the new quilt background. We really need it now!! I, too, am ready for some warmer weather. It snowed three days in a row here and hasn't gotten above freezing in about a week. Sunshiny today and a warm up is coming!!! Yea!!

He & Me + 3 said...

I agree...I want a warm quilt too. It is cold here.