Tuesday, January 26, 2010

just life

(Disclaimer: This picture has no bearing on this post. It's just a sample of how crazy we get around here).

Okay, I know, I've been really lax in the blogging department.

But the truth is...I'm dry.

I have no funny stories, no great giveaways, no exciting adventures to relate.

Just boring old life.

Laundry. School. Dishes. Scrapbook for a grandparent. (Almost finished - I've been working on this thing for 6 months!)

Laundry. School. Dishes. Sewing.

Laundry. School while running errands. (Gives all new meaning to the term "school bus"). Dishes. Diapers. Um...trying to make the switch to cloth. Hope to have a post on that soon.


You get the idea.

Oh well, there was this one thing. We went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago and one of the ladies asked me to make a couple of dresses for her granddaughters. I'm not the best seamstress, but I manage to make some simple jumpers for my girls to wear.

She liked, she asked, I said yes.

So, I've got a couple of little dresses to make. I found some really cute material at JoAnn, yesterday.

But so far...life is normal...laundry...

(Disclaimer: Another totally random picture. Yes, the goat was in the house...momentarily).

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

LOL...looks pretty exciting to me! not often a goat comes indoors to visit!

Humble wife said...

ok I feel normal as our pygmy buck will try and race inside...and we had a goose come in once too...thanks for the smile!

The Real Me! said...

Well my life is just like yours, minus the goat, but I usually just throw stuff out there that I like to blog about. I don't know about anyone else but I'd love to see what you've been sewing and scrapbooking.

OH and I think I once tried to pull of that outfit in the first pictures and I recall someone threatening the white coats on me! LOL.

chili pepper said...


I just popped over to link you up to my post for today... not finished... not up yet... but check it out later...

I had to say, I thought this was a SUPER post... fun and a good representation of real life with a real family who really home schools and diapers and does laundry and gets really crazy... oh, wait, I might be talking about me here... anyway, I for one enjoyed it!

Love ya,


I am blessed! said...

I bed your boring is pretty downright exciting to your average person!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your life is pleny exciting.... :O)

Arlene said...

I hear you on that laundry... there's only three of us right now, but I still feel like that's all I ever do, so I can only imagine what it's like with your whole family. I keep telling myself that when the kids get older, they can take over these chores for me, but even then, I don't think I'll be completely done with it all... oh, but it's such a nice dream... ;)

P.S. and I don't think what you write about is boring. We're all in the throes of mommyhood, and you always have an interesting/amusing/completely un-boring take on it. :P

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Got to love the goat! Never forget we are doing a great and important job. Everything we consider to be boring or mundane is an important job, otherwise it wouldn't need to be done and we wouldn't be doing it in the first place!