Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sasquatch search

If you saw this, you'll know that I won something.

Here's what I won.
Is this cool or what!? You know what's even more cool (cooler?)? I got it today! That's right. They just got my address yesterday and I got it today! Talk about fast shipping!

Now the only thing is to divide it equally. There's only one binder and one pencil case. But there are 3 each of the other things; 1 subject notebooks, journals, small notebooks, folders, and composition notebooks.

These are from the Carolina Pad Co., the Sasquatch line, and I blogged about it here to get an extra entry. It worked!

Can you tell I love winning? Well guess what - this isn't the only thing I've won this weekend. I'm telling ya, this was one stupendous weekend. While I was off having fun in VA meeting new friends, I was also winning giveaways in bloggyland.

But I'll tell you about the other one later.

Until next time...