Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Melted Snowmen

Yes, it did snow again here on Sunday. But it's all gone now, except for a little bit in the shady spots. But I'm not talking about the real snow here, I'm talking about some little candy things.

Aren't they cute? The kids and I made them the other day. To get our sugar fix, you know.

I can't remember where I saw these. I thought someone sent me an email about them, but I guess not. Maybe I saw them on someone's blog. If you read this and you are the one who originally came up with it I apologize for not giving you the credit. I will say that I did NOT come up with it. I didn't follow the exact recipe, but made a few substitutions. I used white chocolate chips instead of the candy melts. You melt the chips, spoon out a little, spread it around, put on mini-chocolate chips for eyes, the orange part of candy corn for the nose, a mint and a rolo for the hat. Let it harden/set and then enjoy. I searched the internet for the recipe and couldn't find it anywhere. I swear someone sent me a link. I just can't remember! *frustrated scream*

Anyway, there you have it. They're pretty good too. :)

Until next time...

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Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

I scrolled down and saw these - they are too cute!!

Couldn't find your e-mail address! So here's mine: emailthewatsons@yahoo.com so you can send me your info and I can send you your diet book that you won! :)