Sunday, February 1, 2009

Peanut Rounders and Puzzles

My mom recently went to OK/TX on vacation to visit family. She brought back this:

I looooove these things. I highly recommend them. They're called peanut rounders and they are the best candy in the southwest. I missed them terribly when I moved to TN (they don't make them here) and when I can I get someone to send me some or bring me some. If you decide to purchase some, one word of caution: they are highly addictive. :)

Now in case you've noticed I've learned to put buttons on my blog. My friend Arlene helped me. I knew this girl when she was just a child over in Japan. My husband and I were in the military and her dad was. We all went to church together. Now she is military wife herself and blogs. She walked me thru the button deal. Pray for her and her husband; he's deployed right now. Anyone who has been in the military or married to military knows how hard it is to be separated from the one you love. Pray for those in service and their families.

In past posts I wrote about certain days coming up this week. Well, we did get a puzzle out on Thursday (National Puzzle Day) and started it. I had bought, but not used a felt, roll-up, puzzle thingy to keep the puzzle in operation and not have to take it apart and put it up every time. So we started it, and will work on it...sometime. With thinking about the Great Deals I was getting at Goodwill this weekend I forgot about Backwards Day yesterday. So I have nothing to report on that. Too bad, I was looking forward to dessert for breakfast. :)

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