Saturday, April 4, 2009

Show and Tell Saturdays - Spoons

Show and Tell Saturday. Kim over at Homesteader's Heart hosts this meme each Saturday. The theme this week is something you collect. If you have a collection to show off, post about it, then go over to her site and link up.

I collect spoons. Not just any spoons. The ones you find in souvenir shops. I have one for most of the places I've been. I missed a couple of states early on when I wasn't seriously collecting. But now I look for one whenever I visit someplace new. It's a very small and cheap souvenir and easy to collect.

Check out the dieter's spoon in middle of this shot. It's from Monterey Bay, CA.

My favorites are the ones with a map of the state on the bowl of the spoon, and something dangling from a hole in the top.

I hope you enjoyed my collection. I also collect the state's quarters, but I figure everyone knows what they look like. If you don't have a collection go visit Kim and see what other's have linked up. It might inspire you to start one of your own.

Until next time...


He And Me + 3 said...

A friend of mine collects spoons. I think they are so neat. I love yours...they each are unique.

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

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The Real Me! said...

Jen that is too cool. I love them! Can I borrow the dieters spoon? LOL.