Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Reading Thing 2009 - my list

Spring Reading Thing 2009

I'm joining in late, but as "they" say - better late than never - right? This reading extravaganza is over at Katrina's Callapidder Days. If you just want/need a good book to read, go see what others are reading and get ideas from them. Or join in, it's not too late.

Seeing as how I love to read, (ahem-and anyone that knows me would say that is an understatement) I decided to have a list of books to read. Instead of just grabbing anything that looks interesting and sticking my nose between the pages.

So here goes my list:

Now three of these book aren't going to be in bookstores until June, so I'm thinking those will be the last ones I read. One is available now and one is coming out next week. The list is subject to change, but so far this is it.

And now for some non-fiction:

Katrina also has a book giveaway each week. She just put up a new one today. And if I win that book, it's going on my list, too. :)

And I'm giving away a book this week, too. To find out about this giveaway and enter, go here.

And now I'm off to read. (Maybe. I still have 9 kids you know. Like I mentioned, the list is subject to change).

Until next time...